Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Been A Great Week

This has been a great week,   Another of my Twisted Sisters brought me a shop sample.
This pattern, "Snow" by Shauna Case of Quilters' Clutter, is a wall hanging but was made into a pillow.  I rather like that idea.  Wonder if I'll get time to make one for myself?

 Having a new grandson, she's right into making quilts for the little guy.  Here's the latest one, a panel with a border.

The panel is from the Baby Genius line from Benartex.  I think the bright colours are great for the kids and this panel is a great teaching tool.

This panel is in my shop right now for only $5.70 Cdn, plus taxes if applicable and postage.  E-mail me if you'd like me to send you one.

Furniture shopping was on the agenda again this week.
Have now ordered the sofa and two chairs with ottoman.  The worst part is waiting the 8 weeks or so it will take to get them.  Time seems to be really rolling along so it may go by fast.  Bedroom furniture arrives this week - that gives me another job to do but then, it wouldn't seem normal if I didn't have several jobs ahead of me. 

I'm busy this week getting ready to have a sale in the shop.  Want to make room for some new fabrics so thought it time to get rid of some.  Big job getting everything ready! 

Hope I have a finished quilt to show by next week - working on a "Words To Live By" quilt.  I drew up the pattern and am testing it out to ensure it works.  A great quilt to send with a teenager going off to college or university.  

Well, it's off to bed now.  Just heard the grandfather clock chime 11:00 pm.  Will chat again soon. Have a great week everyone!

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