Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's been a busy week...

Well folks, I finally decided on some furniture, not for the family room, but for the bedroom.  We saw this lovely gentleman's dresser and decided we had to have it so it will be delivered this week.  The other two dressers have to be ordered so we must wait.

Have designed a quilt using the Block Party panel "Words To Live By".  Here it is on my sewing machine.  I now have the middle done,
just borders left.  A great quilt to give someone
special leaving home to go to college or university.  Will show the finished product when
it's done. 

We've also had our first sunflower come out this week.  

Mind you, we didn't plant them - they just arrived.  
We went away for 10 days or so early in August
and when we came home we could see these
very large green leaves coming up from the 
garden at the end of the pool house.  Wonder
what they are???  Well, we were surprised to 
see sunflowers that we didn't plant.  But, our 
neighbour did plant some and they didn't come 
up.  Of course, we just had to thank him for the 
flowers.  Don;t know how they got there but 
they're planted in a perfect spot.  (We have a 
little chipmunk - wonder if he did it).

One thing we can't figure out in this garden is that we had the most beautiful clematis planted and they bloomed beautifully.  Then, all of a sudden the plant died - you can still see it on the trellis.  We decided to leave it there in the hopes that perhaps we'll get a little sprout of it next year.  (keeping our fingers crossed!)  There is a double white clematis beside it and it's okay.  Perhaps we should just plant sunflowers there - they seem to like the location.

Here's another sample that one of my Twisted Sisters made for me.  Isn't it great!  The really cute thing about this wall hanging is that the white parts will glow in the dark.

I think the easiest part is cutting out the stars - because - you do it with you Accuquilt Go! cutter.  We will have classes on this and kits will be available.  You can also have Christmas balls with bows on top instead of the stars but I think I like the stars best.  Thanks Anne.

Well, it's time to go now.   Want to get to bed early tonight as we have an early day tomorrow with lots to do.  Chat soon!

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