Thursday, March 6, 2014

What Next???

This is getting tiring!  Just a few days before leaving for our vacation, our credit card company cancelled my husbands' card - they think it had been compromised.  Send a new card fast!!!  And, so they did.  Away we go.

We check our e-mails regularly while away to keep in contact with friends and family. 
Well, here's an e-mail from our Bank????  They've never e-mailed us before.  Actually, I don't think they ever e-mail their customers.  NO, we won't just "click here" to confirm anything.  We made a call to them and they agreed - don't click!

A couple of days later, an e-mail from another Bank - we don't even have an account with them.  NO, we won't just "click here".  To the Trash you go!

The next was an e-mail from Itunes.  Please confirm the order.  What order? The order for a couple of hundred dollars.  Noting it was being billed to our e-mail address, decided NO - we won't "click here".  Trash again!

Today, my DH decided to check our credit card account to ensure everything was okay.  What?  Not again?  Here was a charge for over $1600.00 - not our purchase!  This time it was my card.

There are lessons here:  don't just "click here" when asked to.  The e-mails from the Banks really looked good, even including their insignias, but after thinking about it, realized they don't even have our e-mail address.  The e-mail from Itunes wanted us to click if it was not our order.  That sounds really good, doesn't it.  Don't be too swift with clicking.  If you didn't order it, why would they have our address to ask for confirmation?

Keep your eyes on your credit card account.  Don't just pay that balance.  Keep all receipts and match them to your statement.  A lot of times, anyone using your number will make small purchases to start with to see if they get through - don't let anything but your own purchases get through.

Wouldn't you agree, if these people who are always scamming would use their talents in a positive manner, what a world it could be!  They could be doing something really good.

I hope by telling this story, I am able to stop someone from making the mistake of  giving out information they shouldn't.  This has all happened in a space of about five weeks which makes us very wary now.  Be vigilant and make sure who you're corresponding with.

Good night for now, and may your bobbins always be full!