Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finally Got Something Finished!

Yes, finally I've got something finished.  Just maybe I'll get something else done before Christmas.  Here is my "Snow" pillow.  It is a pattern by Quilter's Clutter.  I just love it and hope it'll look great when our new sofa arrives (which is soon).  

I was so pleased with "Snow", I pulled out a
UFO that's been in my cupboard for a very
long time.  It's a pattern by Country Quilt 
Stitches, but, with a little twist.  When I took
out the pillow top, which was all I had done,
there was a mark on the background.  I tried
everything and it wouldn't come out.  Guess
these two will just have to be sledding at night.
The stars did the trick - covered the spot

Getting both of these pillows made me feel good, especially when one was a UFO.  The only problem is that with everything I've started since the beginning of November, my UFO pile has grown by 3 items - hope I can get a little more done by Christmas.  

The third item I've gotten done is being framed - I really like it but won't be able to show it off until after December 12th.  I also got two more small projects done but can't show them off - they're for my granddaughter and she follows my blog.  She can put them on after Christmas - they're a reminder of when she was a little girl.

Will keep you posted!