Thursday, February 13, 2014

I know, it's been a long time...

I didn't realize just how long it's been since I've posted.  A lot has happened since my last post. 

 The first thing was a trip to Cuba.  What a nice vacation.  We had a great hotel and the people were lovely.  They couldn't do enough for us.  We did a tour of Havana in a 1956 Chev Bel Air.  With the driver and tour guide, I couldn't figure out how the four of us would also fit in the vehicle.  Well, silly me, I forgot how big these old vehicles were.  We were quite comfortable.  The architecture there is awesome and so much restoration is going on, which is wonderful.  Warm weather,  good friends, and drinking Banana Mamas on the beach - how good is that???

Christmas came fast after our vacation.  Our DD and DGD came for a four day visit in mid December so we had our Christmas a little early.  Of course, when it came time for them to go home, the weather didn't co-operate.  They ended up staying two more days before they could get out.  We celebrated again on Christmas day, this time with in-laws and our new little niece who is as cute as a button.   We normally spend Christmas Eve with friends but, I'm afraid, sickness took over and we had to wait until January.  Our friends were sick, then my DH and I got it too.  Sickness has been the order of the day twice since 2014 began.  At times, Rudoph didn't hold a candle to me!

January is that time of year when we resolve to get ourselves organized.  Well, I'm no different, except, that I didn't accomplish a whole lot.  Just sorted scraps.  Instead of having a laundry hamper full, I've sorted them into colours and put them into separate drawers.  Much easier to get at when doing a scrap quilt.

I haven't even done any sewing, although I did cut out a tumbler quilt.  I've always wanted one so thought I'd get one ready to sew while on vacation.  Yes, I set my sewing machine up with the ironing surface beside and sew a seam or two whenever the urge hits.  I've gotten a lot done with little effort in years gone by.  I also thought it might be a good idea to take a UFO so have 42 Angela's Arrowhead blocks to put together.  They're only a year old (relatively new to the UFO pile). 

We are currently hunkered down in a hotel - stuck in the Atlanta snowstorm.  Wonder what they'd do if I took my sewing machine to the breakfast room, put a couple of tables together, and proceeded to sew my tumbler quilt together?  I'm sure there would be heads shaking at that.  I'm finding it quite boring just watching TV, although I am enjoying the Olympics - Go Canada Go!

 Well, I'll sign off for now.  Will try to post some pictures soon.

Keep quilting, and, may your bobbins always be full!