Saturday, June 29, 2013

Let's All Help!

We all know about the floods in Calgary and High River, Alberta and here's an opportunity to help without having a bundle of work to do.  Go to  This gal has requested blocks be sent to her and they will be put together and quilted for those who are in need.  Go to her blog and look up her post "Just One Slab" of June 25th where she has instructions for a very easy block that uses up scraps.  It looks so simple.  I'm going to get into my scraps and get some blocks out to them. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spring is the time for House Cleaning!

Yes, it's time this sewing room had a good cleaning.  But, what a mess  I have.  I've spent the last few weeks just moving things around to try to make better use of the space.  I think a garage sale is in order.  If I get rid of some of the stuff I have, I will have room in case I see something I just have to have.  Is there any logic here - I don`t think so.

I said I would show you some more of our African pictures so here is a picture of a Cactus Tree.  There were so many different species of trees and this is one that I thought was interesting.

I learned so much in Africa.  It really was an experience.  More to come later.  Keep on quilting everyone.