Thursday, January 29, 2015

Here's The Finished Project..

Just have a small post tonight to show you my project now that it's finished. Hope you like it.  Yes, it's a clock and it works just great.  When I saw this, knew I had to have one for my sewing room.  Guess we'll have to have a class on this one - seems I'm not the only one who likes it.  

Must hit the hay now.

Until next time,
May your bobbins always be full.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Hi Folks!

How are the New Years Resolutions coming?  Have you been sticking to them?  I have been doing my bookwork so I'm making a resolution now!  I will not let this work get ahead of me again!!!  I've been working like a dog on the books and would rather be quilting or doing something creative.  Wouldn't you?

I have done one little project this year.  Here's a picture - can you guess what it is.

Yes, it's a quilt block, but do you know what it's going to be?
I'll let you know in my next post and show you the finished product,
so stay tuned.

Until then, have a great week-end and,
May your bobbins always be full.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

It's Awfully Cold Out There!

We're having a blast of very cold weather - I don't really like the heat but I don't want it this cold either.  

Before Christmas we had a wonderful holiday but it put us way behind with our preparations.  We did most of our shopping on our trip so that was a big help.  There were so many beautiful things to buy and I really don't need anything, so combined Christmas shopping with the tourist thing.

I did a bit of sewing before going away.  Here is a picture of a little boot I made.  The pattern is called Bootyful by Country Angel Designs.  They were very easy to make up and were a hit.  They come in two sizes.  The large boot will hold a can of nuts and the small one will hold a small preserving jar.  

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season and wishing everyone a 
happy and healthy 2015

Have a great day and may your bobbins always be full.