Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What a Productive Day!!!

Yes, today was really productive.  My Twisted Sisters came to sew today and we worked on a few projects (and drank tea and laughed a lot).  We meet each week and try to get some sewing done but, at times, it's difficult - just like to visit.  Today though, we really did work.  Here are a few pictures.

Here's one sister doing hand work.  She loves
doing embroidery work by hand and makes some very beautiful quilts.  Hope we get to see this one when it's all done.


Here's the project I was working on today.  It's a cute baby panel with borders put on.  I'll let you see it better when it's done.  Just the outside borders to put on, then quilt it.

I'm sorry to say but, the picture of the mini twister wall hanging being finished by our other Sister didn't turn out and it is really cute!  What patience to work on that little thing.  Will post a picture asap.

Then it was time to make 15-1/2" blocks for naptimequilter.blogspot.com who is going to put the blocks together have them quilted and give the quilts to the victims of the Calgary floods.  A great project - many hands make light work. 
The two pictures show one finished and mine almost finished.  (Think I will take out the top left block - it doesn't really fit in).
Nearly done!

Well folks, it's past midnight and time for bed.  Will post again soon.

Keep on quilting!