Monday, September 26, 2011

What a September!!

This has been the busiest month for me - I've hardly been on my blog but promise to get back at it and show some of my work.  It's teaching time again so that has taken a lot of my time.  My classes here start soon too so maybe I can post the work of some of my students.  

Here are the new 3-D fabrics  from Hoffman - They are great!  Can't you just picture the little ones with the 3-D glasses on - thinking the butterflies or fish are real. They'd certainly like a quillow, perhaps, from one of these fabrics.

Now that September's here, it's time to tidy up the sewing room too - just how does it get so messy???  Mine is actually a disaster area and I think there may be some charities around that will get some fabric for their work.  The scraps are multiplying at an alarming rate - the box never seems to get empty, no matter how much of it I cut up.  In fact, I think I could cut for a year and still have some left to do.  

Must get the ironing done too - can you imagine - three baskets to iron.  One of them has quite a lot of fabric in it.  At times like this when I have so much to iron, I wonder why I wash it before using it.  

We are doing a mystery quilt at Guild this year.  I've never participated before but I'd like to do this one.  Maybe that will help the scrap bin.  

Well, must go now.  My Twisted Sisters are coming for a day of sewing tomorrow.  We always look forward to tea and laughter together (and a bit of sewing).  

Will let you know what we're doing.

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  1. Love the 3D fabric...this month has been a very busy one.