Thursday, October 10, 2013

Won't these be Fun!

Our family like to have some fun at Christmas.  Don't you think this fabric will cause some laughter?
I hope so!  Will have to make some pillowcases for the girls.  Fun to make too!

The casserole cover is all finished.  Wish I'd used the orange/yellow colour for the binding though, think it might have looked better.  I didn't use 2-1/2" strips like the pattern called for, just quilted every 2" instead.  It looks like a pretty useful item to me.  What about you?

Starting a new quilt.  This one is called "Under The Stars".  It's a really cute snowman pattern by The Rabbit Factory.  They have some wonderful patterns and these guys were so cute, I couldn't resist.  I need to cut 156 squares in a variety of colours so am starting with red (one of my favorite colours).

Duncan came for the day to quilt with us.  My DH will often leave a treat for him (a bone from the butcher shop) and Duncan will look for him to play a bit.  Here he is sprawled out on the floor while DH gives him a foot rub, but note, he's not letting go of the bone.  He just doesn't understand that we don't want it. It just doesn't go with our tea!

Well, will sign off for now.  Come back again and watch the progress on my "Under The Stars" quilt.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian blog friends and may your bobbins always be full!

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