Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello again

Tomorrow is Quilt Guild and I'm all ready.  We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary and doing it in style - a Victorian Tea, complete with hats.  Here's mine.  I made it intending the flower to be at the back but when I tried it on, decided I could wear the flower in the front or side, doesn't matter.  So that I could have a really good look, talked my DH into wearing it  - we decided it wasn't his style at all!  Just hope it stays together for the day - should I take my glue gun just in case???  My DH wondered if I should wear it out in the wind - so funny!!

We went to the theater this week and saw The Ides of March - great show.  George Clooney was as great as ever!  Didn't get much done this week so will have to get moving this week - have a quilt that just needs borders and want to get it to the quilter as soon as possible.  They get really busy at this time of year and want to beat the Christmas rush. 

Will chat again soon and perhaps have some things to show.

Have a great week.


  1. Spectacular! Sure beats a lot of the hats at the last royal wedding!

  2. The story about the hat is funny. My mom used to go to ladies luncheons.....and every year they had a hat party and you had to make your own hat. They were very very funny. You brought back a good memory. Thanks..... Your hat was very pretty......