Friday, October 21, 2011

A Great Tea

What fun!  Our Victorian Tea turned out to be fabulous.  We had a Victorian Tea Hostess who was hilarious.  She was dressed in her finest lace blouse and long black skirt, long velvet coat and a wonderful black hat.  Very English she was and knew exactly how to conduct herself.   She taught us all how to drink our tea properly, how to eat our fancy sandwiches, how to curtsy and reminded us about posture - a few of us had to walk around with a book on our head to demonstrate.

Our Mayor and the Minister of the Church were guests and they joined in on the fun by demonstrating how to bow.  Shame!  Shame!  Shame!  was the response to the bow.  They didn't do it properly so they were taught and were good sports about getting up and being made fun of.

We did a lot of laughing which is not what is usually done at a Victorian Tea.   

The auditorium of the Church looked wonderful.  There was a long buffet table in the middle of the room and there were ladies pouring tea at each end.  Flowers adorned the buffet table along with each table which were set up for 4 ladies.  Navy tablecloths covered the tables with smaller white lacey linen cloths on top.  We had fancy sandwiches (of course, cucumber and cream cheese along with other types) and a great variety of sweets. All in all, it was done very well.  Our ladies deserve a lot of credit for the work they did.  

This has to be the best Quilt Guild meeting I ever went to.  

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