Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Had a Great Week-end!

Had a great week-end with my cousins.  We were missing two and their spouses but had a second cousin come this year.  A few of us had never met her before so it was nice to learn about her life.  She is also a quilter and brought me a very lovely panel - she called it a challenge panel.  I'll have to put my thinking cap on to come up with something neat to do with it. 

Today I started cutting some kits.  Want to get ready for a little show I'm going in in September.  Got the Go! cutter going and will work on it more tomorrow.  There are so many beautiful patterns out there, it's hard to decide what to do next.

Chat soon, bye for now.

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  1. Hi - I heard many great things about you from your cousin Marie. How can I get in touch with you? I'll be in the Peterborough area mid August and might take a little 'field trip'.