Monday, September 9, 2013

We've gotten a few projects finished!

I've finally gotten the little baby quilt finished.  It looks great now that it's quilted.  Should I make a crib sheet to match?  I used a matching yellow fabric on the back that has rattles and sayings - thought it would be good for a sheet.  Any suggestions?


 Here's the little twister wreath done, just a bow to add.  My twisted sister did a great job and I'm sure whoever receives it will love it.

The other girls are still working on their applique blocks.  I'm sure they will be lovely when completed but it may be a while yet.  Aren't they looking good?

Here's my project.  This pillow pattern is from The Quilt Company.  They have so many great patterns and I couldn't resist this one.  Those cute little gingerbread and heart buttons put the finishing touch on it.  I'm wondering if I'm becoming addicted to pillows - I love to have them sitting around. 

I'm going to show you how to construct these pillows so come back and see how they're made. 

In the meantime, may your bobbins always be full.

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