Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bet you thought I'd run away again......

No, I'm still here, just very busy and haven't done a lot of quilting, or should I say, haven't finished any quilts lately.  Just like most quilters, I have a lot of UFO's and I've just been adding to the pile.  What is it about borders that I have trouble finishing a quilt when I get to the borders???  Does anyone else have that problem?  It's a biggie for me!!  I seem to be able to get the blocks finished and sewn together then come to a standstill when I get to borders.  One day I'm going to finish them!

Since my last blog, I've been to Africa on vacation.  It was a real experience and an education too.  I was glad to be home and am thankful I live where I do.  I will be posting more about the trip soon.

Right now I'm working on a scrap quilt with our Twisted Sisters group.  They tell me I'm cheating - I know, I'm supposed to just pick up the next two pieces and sew them together.  I'm having trouble doing that so told them I was just ensuring I didn't have all the same colour in one block - they think I'm matching (I can't help myself).  They think my quilt will turn out better than theirs but they are great quilters and I know theirs will be beautiful.  Will post some pics soon so you can see what we're up to.

Well, must go now.  Have some tidying up to do.  Don't quilters always have tidying up to do?

Will chat again soon.  Happy quilting!!!

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